Your New Essential Pregame Routine

Having fun and over-indulging no longer has to be a trade-off. Not only will you feel better after drinking but you’ll be ready to take control of your night, no matter how wild your night gets.

How Jelly IV Works

Our biochemist uses science backed ingredients formulated a cutting edge biotechnology company to create a new future for supplements.

The Science

Plant-Powered Formulation

Our vegan formula is extracted from flavonoids & antioxidants to aid in overall liver health and immunity.

Patented Jelly Delivery

Our technology helps pack our Jelly with essential supplements & vitamins that optimizes absorption when your body needs it the most.

More Than Hydration

By staying hydrated and helping you maintain electrolyte balances, it will help keep your body going all night long.

First Time Jelly IV?

Check out our FAQ:

  • What does it do?

    A busy socializing lifestyle can take a toll on your body. Jelly IV helps your alcohol-related health by supporting long term liver wellness. Your liver will thank you after a night out of indulging in drinks and unhealthy food.

  • Who is it for?

    We tested dozens of products and ingredients to curate the ideal formula for people like DJs, entertainers and promoters. 

    If you are someone that chases every moment and are constantly up late socializing or entertaining late into the night, this product is for you.

  • When do I take it?

    Take your first stick with your first drink. 2-3 If you’re actively drinking throughout the night. We recommend 1 stick every 4 drinks.

  • Is Jelly IV For Hangovers?

    Our Pregame Chaser is designed for all excessive liver activities. long nights and parties.

  • Is Jelly IV FDA Approved?

    JellyIV products are formulated in accordance with FDA guidelines for dietary supplements in biotech facilities that adhere to strict quality and safety standards.